Friday, July 26, 2013

Results: Millcreek 50k (Uphill Route) July 19-20, 2013

Results for the 2013 running of the Millcreek Canyon 50k are posted below as compiled by Brian Harward. Christian and Andy turned in incredible times, particularly given the condition of the Desolation Trail, at least what you could see of it through the overgrown wildflowers, and Christian's reportedly defective headlamp. Emily, Suzanne and Amy continued their habit of finishing in front. Shane Martin understandably could not remember his finishing time, having finished Hard Rock just one week earlier: "My Hardrock legs showed up and I was done!"

Of note, Wayne Harrell and Michael Keeley checked in at elbow fork, but they actually continued to Dog Lake, Desolation Lake, along the Crest Trail, and finishing at Snowbird. Epic Three Canyon night run!

Thanks to Ken and Rich for continuing to put this great event on, particularly given the volume of water they had to lug up to Dog Lake for the record number of runners. The aid stations were impressive, the moon was nearly full, the weather was perfect, and anybody who did not have a great time must have slept through it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Brighton Marathon 2013

Irv's torture chamber was briefly gone but returned. So it went with the Brighton Marathon on July 7, 2013. Recent rains ensured that the trail conditions and weather were perfect, as reflected in very fast times by Bob Mueller and Andy Johnson. 

Those who took a more leisurely pace enjoyed a spectacular wildflower display. Michael Kealey, Wayne Harrell, and Trent Thorn included Clayton Peak in their adventure and therefore got the most miles for their entry dollar. This was Trent's first marathon, having not gone more than 14 miles at a stretch previously. It will not likely be his last, or his fastest. 

Speaking of tough, John Maack continues his comeback, and Deanne McLaughlin capped a 60+ mile week after a two month imposed taper for eye surgery. Both took the popular Guardsman road cutoff, wisely avoiding Clayton Peak. Jeremy Suwinski came out for ten miles as a final tuneup before HardRock. Thanks to Seth Hales for providing aid and assistance at Mill D and Gardsman's Pass, and Pete Stoughton for dropping water at Guardsman's as well. It was a great day in the great Wasatch Mountains.

Full Results Here

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BoSho All-Time Stats - Finishers

Here's a quick look at the growth of the BoSho over the years and who has the most finishes. Stay tuned for more statistics over the next few days.

Number of Finishers each year

Number of Individual Finishes:

Individuals with the most finishes:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon 2013 Report

In its 14th year, BoSho (we have more or less given up on calling it the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon because nobody else does) saw a record 128 starters and a record 104 finishers. Course conditions and weather were ideal, resulting in 32 runners finishing in under 5 hours. Ben Lewis joined the small number of all time sub-4 hour finishers with an impressive 3:54:15 time. Collin Anderson narrowly missed joining that club at 4:00:26. Kevin Shilling ran third in 4:08:15, then turned around and won the Zion 100K the following week. Nicely done. Always impressive, Emily Sullivan was the first woman finisher in 4:31:10, followed by Bethany Lewis in 4:35:31, who then turned around and scored a Trans-Zion FKT the following week (read about it here). Nancy Russell finished third and can undoubtedly sympathize with Collin, having finished in 5:00:45. Apparently 16 miles of the BoSho course is the perfect training run for coming in second in the Zion 100K, which both Suzanne Lewis and Greg Norrander accomplished. Congratulations to both on great runs at Zion.

This year saw some firsts, including an early start time at 6:00 for those who might take longer or who needed to get to a soccer game. There was also one 5:00 starter, presumably getting acclimated to the mid-summer 5 a.m. ultra starts. As a completely informal and unorganized event, every result is duly recorded for posterity, including a new event record of 1 mile by Anatoliy Zharkikh. At the other end of the spectrum, Jeff Bertot ran 15 miles just to get to the starting line.

Sincere thanks to those who pitched in to help this happen, including everybody who contributed food and drink for aid stations. John Evans from Petzl contributed two headlamps for aid station volunteers Tony Dearcos and Darcie Mueller, who did a superb job at Morris Meadow. Charlie Vincent also pitched in at the Morris Meadow aid station, as did Carter Williams, who also helped mark the course Saturday morning. Thanks also to John Wells for deflagging the northwest loop of the course and smoothing the rails with the waterworks folks, and thanks also to the waterworks folks for not shutting us down. Once again when sweeping the course Sunday morning, I saw zero litter even arguably related to the event, although the same cannot be said of the individual who appears to have taken up residence near the lower reaches of Uncle F.

What would you do if you threw a party and nobody came? Thanks to the support of  the local running community we’ve never had to answer that question. Thank you for coming out, and we look forward to seeing you next year for the 15th running.

John, Dan, Brian, Bob