Friday, July 12, 2013

Brighton Marathon 2013

Irv's torture chamber was briefly gone but returned. So it went with the Brighton Marathon on July 7, 2013. Recent rains ensured that the trail conditions and weather were perfect, as reflected in very fast times by Bob Mueller and Andy Johnson. 

Those who took a more leisurely pace enjoyed a spectacular wildflower display. Michael Kealey, Wayne Harrell, and Trent Thorn included Clayton Peak in their adventure and therefore got the most miles for their entry dollar. This was Trent's first marathon, having not gone more than 14 miles at a stretch previously. It will not likely be his last, or his fastest. 

Speaking of tough, John Maack continues his comeback, and Deanne McLaughlin capped a 60+ mile week after a two month imposed taper for eye surgery. Both took the popular Guardsman road cutoff, wisely avoiding Clayton Peak. Jeremy Suwinski came out for ten miles as a final tuneup before HardRock. Thanks to Seth Hales for providing aid and assistance at Mill D and Gardsman's Pass, and Pete Stoughton for dropping water at Guardsman's as well. It was a great day in the great Wasatch Mountains.

Full Results Here

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  1. Is this an annual event? How do I get in on it?!