Friday, July 26, 2013

Results: Millcreek 50k (Uphill Route) July 19-20, 2013

Results for the 2013 running of the Millcreek Canyon 50k are posted below as compiled by Brian Harward. Christian and Andy turned in incredible times, particularly given the condition of the Desolation Trail, at least what you could see of it through the overgrown wildflowers, and Christian's reportedly defective headlamp. Emily, Suzanne and Amy continued their habit of finishing in front. Shane Martin understandably could not remember his finishing time, having finished Hard Rock just one week earlier: "My Hardrock legs showed up and I was done!"

Of note, Wayne Harrell and Michael Keeley checked in at elbow fork, but they actually continued to Dog Lake, Desolation Lake, along the Crest Trail, and finishing at Snowbird. Epic Three Canyon night run!

Thanks to Ken and Rich for continuing to put this great event on, particularly given the volume of water they had to lug up to Dog Lake for the record number of runners. The aid stations were impressive, the moon was nearly full, the weather was perfect, and anybody who did not have a great time must have slept through it.


  1. Any word on the 2014 date yet? I need to conquer this instead of taking an early out this time!

  2. August 1st, 9pm start at upper Big Water. It's a down year.